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In 1907, it was apparent that two transcontinental railways would pass through today's Jasper Alberta Athabasca Valley. Members of Canada's Parliament legislated the Jasper area into being a forest reserve of 13,000 km2, which encompassed Alberta's north Rocky Mountains. On Sept. 14, 1907, Jasper Forest Reserve, was born.

The Jasper Forest Reserve was set aside for the preservation of forest trees on the crests and slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and for the proper maintenance throughout the year of the volume of water in the rivers and streams that have their source in the mountains and traverse the province of Alberta.

Jasper Alberta's History

Those wanting to learn more about Jasper Alberta came to the right place! Here you will find historical facts and accounts from Jasper's locals and archives on how Alberta's beautiful little mountain town became to be. Additional Jasper National Park history can be found within as well.
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